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Featured Clients

Our client list is growing and we hope to be able to add you to it. Here are our featured clients.

Crowson The Globe  

Matt Crowson has been a close friend for many years. He decided to shed all his "dead weight" (earthly possessions) to travel the world living off of his wits and whatever charity he can find. He needed the ability to document his journeys day to day and from anywhere he was able to connect to the web. So we created a portal into his life on the road for the world to enjoy. Have a look and send him a donation if you can spare it. After all, he is relying on the kindness of strangers for his next meal.

Matt's ability to generate charity fell short of his hopes and he has re-joined the ranks of the working class. The site lives on as testament to one man's attempt at living a dream.

Maison Réve Farm Bed and Breakfast  
We stayed with Dan and JoAnn Gray at Maison Reve Farm Bed and Breakfast the weekend we got engaged. Our stay was wonderful and the hosts and other guests were sociable and quite pleasant as well. During a conversation one morning some guests brought up their websites. JoAnn and Dan mentioned that they wanted to update their site but the original designer was no longer available. We told them we would be able to help them once we got back in business. At the time we had been living in a FEMA trailer working on rebuilding our house. Now we are home again and the “Open” sign is back on the door. Though this site was not designed by Lucid Eye Designs, we did re-engineer the static site to create a dynamic, owner controlled website for the Gray's bed and breakfast. Now JoAnn and Dan have been added to our list of satisfied clients.