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Do I need a Website?

With a Website, Your Company Can:  
Increase awareness of your business, product, or service
Efficiently communicate with customers and partners
Sell products online
Target specific demographics
Improve customer service
Gather feedback
Decrease cost of sales, support, and marketing
Expand distribution

Benefits of Online Marketing:  
Reach - The Internet is global, reaching millions of people.
  FACT - 63% of American adults - 126 million people - now go online. (Pew Internet Project) and 88% of those people - 111 million people - execute 46 billion Internet searches each year. That is 3 times the number of yellow page referrals each year. (comScore Networks)
Availability of Information - A website provides substantially more information than the yellow pages, with interactive content, product details and pictures, business policies, hours of operation, contact information, directions/maps to the physical store, etc...
Increasing Popularity - With the influx of technology into our daily lives, other forms of advertisement are less prominent. It has become more important to reach people in ways that take advantage of these advances, such as through the Internet.
  FACT - Print yellow page references are estimated to decline 2.5% a year. (Yellow Pages Association) Annual newspaper media usage has declined 10% in the last decade. (Statistical Abstract of the United States)
Interaction - Forms, e-mail, and surveys will let your visitors interact with your website, helping you build customer databases and target specific demographics to customize your offerings.
Flexibility - Unlike printed materials, it's easy to frequently change information online. You can examine the effects of new marketing efforts, prices, and more at the click of a button.
Cost Effective Promotion - Promoting your company online through web advertising, publicity, newsgroups, and e-mail newsletters is less expensive than traditional methods of print advertising.
Convenience - They can learn about your services and view your products, even when your store is closed
Attractive Demographic - Most Internet users are highly educated with above average incomes.
Automation - Automating sales, marketing, or support processes can save your business time and money.

The Internet combines the strengths of print and television to provide advertising through text, graphics, sound, and moving pictures while eliminating the time and space limitations of traditional media. Unlike magazines and TV, the Internet is interactive, making it a very cost-effective marketing tool.

71% of Internet users go online to research products and services for their local area rather than using a local directory, yellow pages or phone book (Harris Interactive online panel).

If you don't have a website, potential customers can't find you online. If they are not finding you, they are finding your competition.

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